Living the American Dream

Thanks to one of our consultants for her contribution to our blog:) For many people "Living the American Dream" becomes a reality when they land in America for the first time. It's very surreal specially when you visit big cities like New York, Vegas, Chicago,etc. Many people from around the world come to America for [...]


Am I a Business Analyst or what?

I get a lot of Resumes from Business Analysts and students who want to become Business Analysts. I want to capture the information that should be clearly highlighted in every Business Analyst’s Resume. Please note that most Resumes are read by computers and unless you have the right jargon and details your Resume will not [...]

Why fake resumes are more common among OPT Students? #FakeSummaryofExperience

Today I am sharing the posting of one of our consultants. They kindly shared their experiences after graduation. Why fake resumes are more common among OPT Students ? – A Student’s Perspective I see many posts in LinkedIn about fake resumes and how consulting companies are using OPT students to fake their profiles and land a [...]

I wish I could understand you!

Do you ever feel like no one is following what you say? Do you feel like you cannot express yourself in front of others? Then you have a communication problem and it often happens to international students. Why can't we go and work in countries where we do not speak the language? Though technology, medicine, [...]

Why don’t I get a callback?

Life is all about competitions, from the day we are born the race begins. If you have siblings you have to compete with them, then comes friends, classmates, colleagues…the race never ends. And in most cases, you have only one shot to make a good impression and move to the next step. Your first impression [...]

The dreaded interview!

I know that most people hate job interviews, not me! I always loved interviews. They give me an opportunity to dress up, meet new people and learn something new:) Granted this does not say anything positive about my social life but I have to admit I love talking to strangers for 30-45 minutes. I am [...]