Blindly sending your Resume to every recruiter will hurt your chances of employment

Recent graduates often panic and blindly apply to every possible job opening and send their Resumes to every recruitment agency. How can sending out your Resume everywhere hurt your chances of employment?

1) Your school resume will often not be the Resume that you will use going forward. Sending the Resume that you prepared during your school will then be stored in the databases of employers and it may never be updated. We often see our candidates rejected because their Resumes from back 5-6 years ago are in the system of the employer. Once rejected it is hard to get an approval.

2) You will be tagged as an OPT, new graduate, entry level
You may have hands on experience before and during your education, however if this is not highlighted in your Resume clearly due to the formatting of student resumes you will be tagged as a junior candidate, which may not be reflective of your skills and experience.

3) Keyword scanning may not pop your Resume: This is again something we see often with recent graduates. Because they do not have exposure to job search they often do not have the buzzwords and keywords in their resumes that will attract attention. Again sending the first draft of your Resume will save you in databases with data that may be lacking key information.


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