Holidays are over. 2017 job search starts today!

Hi everyone, now that the holidays are over it is time to get back to work and our job/internship search.

Usually January-April is the time when job market is active, after that due to warming weather (this is a huge deal in Boston) and school vacations things start to slow down, however internship opportunities continue from April-June. You should use the first quarter very productively to land a job in 2017. Start looking at your Resume and make sure it represents you best.

For graduates:

1) Do not highlight your education first, I cannot mention this enough times. Employers want to see your job experience, focus on your paid, unpaid, volunteer, internship, part-time, sometime… hands on experience.

2) Technical expertise must be highlighted, do not list everything that comes to your head, make sure you know what you list, but highlight generic office applications as well. Most people get jobs based on their MS Excel knowledge.

For interns:
1) If you are an excellent student highlight your GPA
2) List any “related” coursework
3) List hands on technical expertise as well as any interests that you may have (i.e. if you are interested to learn data analysis, Java etc).

Keep a log off jobs you applied and do not blindly send your Resumes to everyone in the planet. Job search is serious business, make sure you treat it with professionalism and keep track of your efforts.

Good luck!


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