Telling your story… Streamlining your Resume

When you apply for a job you face the challenge of summarizing why you are a great fit for the role on paper to someone who may or may not be interested in even reading it. Resume is a marketing tool, it is by no means an autobiography and just like TV commercials of products it should reflect you in the best light possible while being interesting for the audience. So how will you do that?

First and foremost your Resume should tell a story, it should have a tone and rhythm. If your background and experience jump from one thing to another instead of flowing you will lose the interest of the reviewer.

Think what you want to do before writing your Resume. Do not focus on what you did before. Resume is for the future, it is a tool to show the prospective employer that you are going to be able to perform the future opportunity that they may offer you based on relevant experience you have.

Let’s say that you are applying for a Business Analyst role.

1) First of all understand what the requirements are for a BA and what skills will put you forward.
2) Identify what relevant experience you have. For example let’s say that you worked as a front desk receptionist during college. Instead of listing this experience as:

Front Desk Receptionist, XYZ Company
– Greeted clients
– Answered phones
– Scheduled meetings for office manager
– Filed new job applications

Now, let’s see how we can relate this to a BA role:

Front Desk Client Services Representative, XYZ Company
– Have direct interface with clients and provided assistance
– Set up meetings, update schedules, track changes and provide assistance to the Office Manager’s projects
– Filed and categorized new job applications in hard and soft copy
– Updated Excel spreadsheet reports, created documentation in MS Word (**in most roles you will have some exposure to this)

As you can see by simply elaborating on the details and aligning them with your career path will immediately improve your chances of employment.


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