LinkedIn Headline: What not to say?

-Enthusiastic Information Technology graduate student — When are you graduating?

-Actively seeking FT opportunities — Doing what?

-Software Engineer Intern — Doing what?

-Aspiring Project Manager —in which industry?

and many many others…

Let me tell you what I do when I am on LinkedIn, and I am pretty sure most recruiters would do the same. I run over the list of people to see if anyone is what I am looking for, and none of the above would qualify.

If you are a student please list when you are available, for example SAP QA available Feb 2017 is much more descriptive than Passionate QA looking for a FT opportunity.

Secondly if you have hands on experience in a technology list it: Oracle PM, Selenium QA, Tableau Data Analyst, Financial Services BA… anything that will make you stand out.

If you are available with your EAD at hand, make sure to address that:

Salesforce Developer 2 yrs exp available now would get you calls instead of Software Developer looking for a challenging role.

I know you guys do not want to restrict yourselves and think if you make things vague people will call and you can explain, that is not at all the case.

Also please list your email address and graduation date on your LI profile.

***Remember time is money and recruiters do not have the time to waste investigating your background.


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