Streamlining your Resume can get you the job you want…don’t be Jack of all trades…

Jack of all trades master of none…this is exactly what you do not want your Resume to say about you.

In today’s market we all wear multiple hats, so in every job you have there will be tasks that can be transferred. For example say you are a Financial Analyst in an organization, however your job requires you to:
Create reports using Excel — data analysis role
Create management dashboards — BA/PM role
Update project plan – Project Coordinator role
Gather data from SQL – data analyst role
Create functional documents – BA role…

So as you can see our job title may not really tell the potential employers what we do on a day to day basis. So lets say you would like to get a job as a Data Analyst, your Resume should be focusing more on such roles and responsibilities even though your title may be Financial Analyst.

This also should be reflected in all your other roles. Employers want to see progress and focus in your Resume. They do not want to see someone that jumps from one role to another, so it is your job to tailor your Resume to show task specific experience.

Feel free to create multiple versions of your Resume highlighting said skills, such as a Resume highlighting Financial Analyst skill sets, another one for Data Analysis skill sets, another for PM skill sets. This way when an employer looks at your Resume they will be able to clearly see what your experience and interest is instead of trying to make sense of too much information.

Take a look at these links for more details:


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