Tip of the Day: How to attract attention of recruiters in Indeed?

Indeed.com is one of the largest job search platforms that let’s you upload/post your Resume, and recruiters may be able to reach out to you if they see your Resume on Indeed. However here are couple tips:

1) Write your email (do not post your personal email online!) on the body of the Resume:

Indeed uses email relay in order to protect your privacy. This means the recruiter will not see your email address even after you respond back to them. As you can imagine recruiters get dozens of Resumes/emails everyday and they may not be able to track down who you are. In order to avoid such issues I recommend posting a professional email address with your Resume so that you may be reached out directly by interested recruiters.

Again, please do not use your personal email address or even the email address that you use for regular job hunting. You can create a new one like: nameindeedresume@xyz.com to use just for that very purpose.

2) If you are inactively looking do not post your Resume in Indeed by mistake while applying for jobs:

Indeed makes it a little too easy for people to post their Resumes online without even paying attention that their Resumes will be shared with public. If you do not want your current employer know that you are looking for a job, make sure you do not accidentally post your Resume on Indeed while applying for jobs.


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