What is a Project Manager?

Unfortunately companies are combining multitude of roles and skills into one job and call it a PM in order to cut costs, so what are the main functionalities of project resources? Let’s review them using a Hyperion Implementation project.

1) Functional Resource: They sit in the Business area and know the end product. They are the ones that would come with Finance background and will have thorough knowledge what they want Hyperion to accomplish. They have expertise in Financial Reporting and they can get the same results using Hyperion or any other tool. They are crucial to understand the business needs and test the end product.

2) Business Analyst: BAs can come from technical or functional background, and will have exposure to both areas. They will work with functional resources to understand the business requirements and be liaison between technical and functional teams.

3) Delivery Manager: They will have in-depth knowledge of the product (in this case Hyperion) and capabilities of the product. They assure that the application is implemented (usually by a vendor) and it meets all needs of the organization. They will understand the needs of customization and ongoing support. They play an integral role to the success of the project.

4) Project Manager: They are the administrators of the overall project in terms of time, scope, budget, resources. They may or may not have any product knowledge but will work closely with Delivery Manager to identify milestones and deliverables and track them. They will also highlight any risks. They are the eyes and ears of the project sponsors (executives) on a day to day basis. A good PM will be able to work with functional teams, technical teams and vendors to come up with an integrated project plan, thorough resource plan and daily track progress. PM relies on input from Delivery Manager, vendor and other project resources to get his updates.


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