How to Answer the Common Job Interview Questions (with Sample Answers)

Here is a good link regarding common interview questions. My recommendation is to
always give details of your experience. For example:
Question: How do you deal with conflicting priorities?

I read this response online: “Conflicting deadlines are a normal occupational hazard. I resolve the conflict by using the time frames as the reference, and scheduling for completion according to needs. I schedule within the deadlines, so I work ahead of them.”

However I do not recommend this approach. A good response would be with specific examples such as:

In my current role I we had a scheduled go-live with XYZ project and at the same time we encountered a production issue with our legacy system that needed to be addressed immediately. I immediately met with my manager and reviewed the work that needs to be done to support both priorities and availability of resources. Since our lead resources were tied up with go-live, I recommended moving some of our offshore resources to the project temporarily to support the go-live while leads can manage the production issue. I also scheduled daily status meetings with the team to assure we are all on the same page and issues are addressed immediately.

As you can see here, this response shows that you have hands-on experience on handling such issues instead of brainstorming what you may do if the situation arises.

Take a look at the link for questions and share your comments.


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