Resume tip: How to write your current and previous job experience

Most of recent graduates would have some form of experience, and highlighting your experience and lining it up with your career path is extremely important.

I see that most graduates focus primarily on their education and school projects, however employers want to see real hands-on work experience, so even though you worked just for 6 months that experience is very valuable in you getting a job.

So how do you highlight your experience?

You need to list task level details and technology used for all your roles. All your jobs should have at least 5 to 10 bullets with details. For example let’s say you worked as a Business Analyst. Instead of saying something like gathered requirements (which is a very generic task) you need to list it as:

Gathered requirements via interviews, JAD sessions, meetings and created BRDs including Visio charts

Instead of putting down something like “created reports” be specific:

Created financial expenditure variance reports using Excel and summarized data for management using Pivot tables and charts.

Same goes for more technical roles where details are extremely important. Any role you have in the technical world should be aligned to a technology, such as created incident tickets in JIRA. Also make sure any ERP exposure.

Please feel free to ask questions.


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