Are you ready to use Excel to excel?

BI tools are dime a dozen and I see candidates proudly listing Tableau, PowerBI, Phyton…you name it… Colleges make sure they expose students to as many tools as possible and list them in their Resume. However almost every Resume I have seen is lacking the most commonly used tool: MS Excel.

If you wish to pursue a career in Business Intelligence or Business Analytics you need to focus on the processes that you followed and analysis that performed instead of “fancy” tools. These licensed products are not widely used in organizations so no matter what at the end of the day you will end up displaying your analysis in Excel so that it can be shared with a wide audience.

So, are you emphasizing your expertise and comfort level using Excel? I think not. Most resumes I read barely list MS Excel, and I almost never saw detailed work addressed in Excel.

If you have worked in MS Excel, list it! List your task details such as:

  • Performed detailed budget analysis using MS Excel formulas and macros.
  • Created MS Excel models for financial analysis
  • Created Project Status updates in MS Excel
  • Created Project Plan (oh yes it happens more than you think!) in MS Excel
  • Reconciled data to identify implementation gaps using MS Excel
  • Created roles and responsibilities matrix using MS Excel

MS Excel has endless possibilities and it is heavily used in almost all large organizations. Not showing your experience in Excel will lead to losing great opportunities.

Remember, it is the work that counts, not the tool that is being used. You should always be able and willing to use whatever tool is available to do your analysis. Since MS Excel is installed in every computer you too should use it to excel in your work:)


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