Do job interviews make you nervous?

You are not alone!

Most people, regardless of age, experience level, skill set…do not like job interviews. People feel intimidated and judged and overall uncomfortable.

However, job interviews are part of life, more than likely you will have dozens of interviews throughout your career so it is very beneficial to make your peace with it early on.

So what can you do to make interviews less painful?

  • Accept job interviews as a part of job search and stop obsessing about them
  • Prepare! There are countless resources online, books, videos…to help you prepare for generic questions.
  • Do mock interviews. Our suggestion is to practice with your classmates/friends. Each person will bring interview questions and randomly ask each other. Key here is:
    1. Make questions technical, functional, experience and skill related, mix and match
    2. You can ask each friend to focus on one area (one coming up with technical questions, other experience/background, other psychological/culture related etc.)
    3. While preparing questions think about what kind of answer you will give and evaluate your peers’ responses
  • Do not miss an opportunity to interview. When you get a call from recruiters talk to them and learn more about the roles and hiring process.
  • Go to job fairs, try not to miss any. The more people you meet in person the less you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Before an interview research the company and job title thoroughly. If you are interviewing for a Business Analyst role, make sure you know what the expectations are.
  • Do not talk too much! Listen and let the interviewer ask questions.

This is an issue I see a lot. Candidates that are inexperienced and often nervous have a tendency to talk too much and to fast without even giving the interviewer any chance to speak. Remember interviewer has a limited time for you and wasting it with unnecessary details will not help you. Listen to the question and answer in a clear and professional manner. Your answers should not be yes/no but at the same time they should not be 5 minute monologues. Watch the interviewers’ feedback and make sure they are following and willing to listen more.

  • Ask questions regarding the role and the company and seem interested.
  • Feel free to say that you are nervous and that you do not do very well at interviews. People know and empathize:) Remember you are not the only one that is nervous and you will not the the last one. This may be the first interview for the interviewer as well, so just laugh about and keep in mind that it WILL get easier.

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