I have no relevant job experience, so I simply won’t list anything on my Resume…

We keep writing about this over and over again, because I still see dozens of Resumes on a daily basis that is lacking the basics. They just have educational details and tons of school work details, but not enough work experience. Even candidates with experience barely lists 2-3 bullet points and saturate their Resume with educational details.

Maybe it is a cultural difference, or maybe it is generational but I see a lot of candidates believing that they do not need a detailed Resume to get a job.

This may be true if you are looking for creative jobs, however in most back office/operational roles employers are looking for candidates that will hit the ground running with minimum training. That means they want to see that you have done almost exactly what they are looking for in your most recent role.

We cannot emphasize the importance of including task level details in your Resume. Do your research, read through job descriptions and review experienced candidates’ Resumes to see what are the roles and responsibilities on a day to day basis and address them in your Resume.

Even though you never worked in an office before, your summer job working as a cashier at GAP will give you skills that are needed for most jobs, do not dismiss your experience. Think about what you did and how it would apply to an office space. Giving GAP as an example, some roles and responsibilities you could list are:

  • Provided customer service to diverse clients in person and over the phone and answered and questions that they may have.
  • Provided orientation and training to junior staff members.
  • Handled Finance transactions, including cash transactions, credit card and check payments.
  • Reconciled daily finance transaction activities and resolved any discrepancies.
  • Escalated customer issues to management as needed to assure customer satisfaction.

As you can see even your summer job can have relevance to your future careers, so make sure you think about what you did and what was relevant. Most companies want candidates with strong soft skills, so customer facing roles, handling difficult situations and people, working with strict deadlines and conflicting priorities, working with a diverse team towards a goal… all are great skills and experience to have.

Feel free to ask questions to us when you are not sure. We will be happy to help.


One thought on “I have no relevant job experience, so I simply won’t list anything on my Resume…

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