What are core Finance and Accounting competencies that you should list in your Resume?

Braun Weiss Inc. focuses on Financial Services Industry and Financial systems, so we work with, talk to, meet…many Finance candidates and go through many many Resumes.

It is obviously common sense that someone who is a CPA will know about basics of Accounting, but if you do not have a CPA or CFA your master’s degree in Finance may not mean much to employers.

There are countless number of Finance degrees so very generic and high level, and many of the graduates only have theoretical knowledge of basic Accounting principal.

As a job seeker you have to remember one thing: you are just a keyword search away from getting/losing a job. What that means is your Resume should list core Finance/Accounting competencies.

So, what are the core Accounting/Finance competencies anyone who wants to work in Finance, Accounting, Financial Services, Banking… should have?

1) Knowledge of GAAP and IFRS

2) AP, AR, GL, reconciliations

3) SOX compliance and other regulations

4) Month-end, quarterly and annual close

5) Chart of Accounts

6) Cost centers

7) Budgeting

8) Trial balance

9) Any Accounting software you used

10) Excel modeling

These are the basics that every Finance/Accounting graduate must have hands on experience in and list on their Resume. Of course based on experience the content should be more comprehensive. In Finance roles less is NOT more, companies want people who know Finance and will not make mistakes.

If you are at school and do not have any hands on experience I recommend advancing your MS Excel reporting and modeling skills. Finance heavily relies on Excel and most reconciliation tasks are done manually using Excel.

We will write more about Finance since we love Finance and are happy to share our experiences with you. In the meantime please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.




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