What do you do???

We wrote about this before, but this is an ongoing issue so there goes another post.

A Resume is a marketing tool to let people know what your skills are and what you are good at. It is a longer version of a business card.

When you are out you see store signs everywhere: XYZ clothing, ABC car repair, Dentist, Hair salon, Law Office… These companies tell you what they do in few words. You will not knock at a random door looking for a dentist, will you? You need to know what kind of business it is before you inquire. Are you doing the same for yourself?

You need to make sure your Resume clearly indicates what you are doing and what your expertise is. Are you a Developer? Are you a Business Analyst? Are you a Project Manager? What are you? What do you do? How well do you know it?

Once you made your job title clear then comes specialization. What is your area of expertise? Are you a SQL Developer or Java? Are you a functional BA or technical? What types of projects do you manager?

When someone looks at your Resume they should not be puzzled, instead they should be intrigued to give you a call and learn more. Otherwise what is the point?

We review dozens of Resumes every day and we see this mistake with most of the candidates. Because we expertise in certain areas, it is easier for us to dig through the Resume and figure out what the candidate’s expertise is, however a random HR person may not have the same knowledge in technology.

So, I will tell you what I say to every single candidate:

Your Resume should scream whatever it is that you are doing. If you are SQL Developer, your Resume from top to bottom should be bombarded by SQL Developer roles and responsibilities. Never ever think that people will assume you know SQL querying if you are a SQL Developer, they may simply say “well you said in your Resume that you can write SQL code, but did not mention that you could query the database as an end-user”. These things happen every day! Be extremely specific on your task details. Make sure the person who is reading it will understand what you do on a day to day basis. They should have no questions in mind. It is OK to repeat the same tasks in multiple work experiences if they apply.

Again, your Resume is your only Marketing tool, your only chance to make the phone ring. No one gets hired from a Resume, but no one will get a call/interview without one. Make sure your Resume is clear, to the point with right keywords and easy to read and follow. That way it will help you stand out and get the call that may make the huge difference.


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