Fake it ’til you make it???

Most recent graduates face rejection on a daily basis. It is extremely hard to get a job on OPT visa let alone find an employer to sponsor you. So, I am sure this question comes up at one point. It is quite easy for international students to come up with years of experience back home mostly because it will be almost impossible to verify the claim, so they think… Well, it may seem that way to someone that does not have any real hands on experience, but let’s see what happens when we fake Resumes and create experiences:

  • This became so common that employers no longer consider offshore experience and no matter how many years you worked you will be regarded as an entry level employee
  • Candidates with real hands on experience will never get the credit they deserve because of others in the market with fake Resumes, experiences, references
  • You and your peers who do not have local experience will not be given a chance due to negative experiences with fake candidates
  • Local candidates who graduated from college with minimum work experience will lose opportunities due to unfair competition created by this unethical behavior
  • Negative interview experiences will impact your morale and motivation
  • Once you get a job it will be extremely hard for you to perform which will have an impact on your career

List goes on and on…

Do not think that no one is aware or no one will find out. We see reference checks becoming more and more thorough, background checks being a part of every job, evidence of work and even exams being required for all jobs… and once you are tagged as someone with fake background you may not be able to get another job.

So why ruin it for yourself and others? I understand that you want to get a high paying job TODAY, but as a new graduate you must understand that you cannot expect results Day 1. Things will get better once you establish yourself and get true experience. We say this to everyone: Getting the first job is the hardest, after that things will improve significantly. Focus on showing your skills, intelligence, enthusiasm and hard work instead of wasting your time and energy with crooked ideas and companies. Remember this is your career and your future we are talking about and reputation is pretty much the most important asset as you progress in your career, don’t ruin it with quick fixes.

So, what do I recommend?

  • Experienced candidates:

Think about your experience carefully and create few versions of your Resume. Almost all jobs will be combination of multiple roles such as Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, do not get stuck with your job title, think about your daily roles and responsibilities and hands on experience.

Understand the differences between these roles and align your experience highlighting specific skills.

For example, using ETL tools to download data for analysis may not be a relevant task for a BA Resume but will definitely set you aside in your DA Resume. I see many candidates lump sum all of their experience into one-fits-all Resume. I see bits and pieces of BA work, PM work, DA work… In today’s market, everyone wears many hats at work, but being able to identify the different categories and align them with prospective jobs is a key skill that every one of you should get.

Other than that, always make sure that your core experience data is correct. Do not lie about dates, employers, references. Just highlight your skills that are relevant to the role.

  • Inexperienced candidates:

Get experience! Get an unpaid internship, do volunteer work, ask your family and friends to connect you with their employers to see if there is any way you can get real time experience…

Look into certifications, but do not get every certificate under the sun. In order to show expertise, you need to follow logical path of certification. For example, if you want to be an Oracle Certified DBA, look at their training website and take the certifications/courses in the recommended order, such as Intro to Oracle Databases, Oracle DBA I, Advanced DBA… Do not blindly take Oracle DBA I certificate, then PMP Certificate, next QA Certificate. You want to build knowledge and expertise.

Always take your career and future seriously. Nothing is going to happen overnight, it will require work and commitment. Remember, most companies including Braun Weiss Inc. hire character, and may companies are willing to invest in young people. They want to see your enthusiasm, motivation, dynamism and eagerness to shine through. They want to see commitment and thirst to learn and excel. Make sure your Resume and cover letter reflect that. Show that you are able to write a professional, polished Resume that highlights your skills and an articulate cover letter that brings out the best of you.





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