How do you make an omelet or write the best Resume???

I was talking to a candidate and explaining why it is extremely important that you include itemized task details in your Resume. Most candidates that I speak with do not pay attention to what I say and maybe thinking that they can get a job with high level details and I have no clue what I am talking about. Maybe that is true… but the fact that you are reading this article right now proves that your approach has not been working. So, what is this all about making an omelet?

When someone asks me “how do you make an omelet?” they expect to get a detailed recipe that they can replicate at home. First I list the ingredients, and next I explain step by step process on how to make the omelet and since I am a great cook I will even add some of my secret tips. I can be creative and tell them about all the different variations that I tried and even a story about one of my family breakfasts where I wanted to make an omelet but faced an obstacle and came up with a solution. For example, I was recently thinking of making spinach omelet and realized that there was no spinach at home, so thought of using arugula instead. Quick check in google verified that arugula is indeed a valid substitute and there came my yummy arugula and spring onion omelet recipe, and the day was saved!

Now after this story do you have any doubt in your mind about my ability to make a delicious breakfast? Would you trust me with that?

And let’s see what would happen if my answer was: “Ugh you get eggs and a pan and mix the eggs and cook the eggs”. Is this an omelet recipe? Does that show that I even know what an omelet is? Can you follow my steps and come up with a delicious breakfast? Well the good thing is at least I know that it is an egg dish, but it seems like that’s all I know. Would you hire me to make omelets for your restaurant or your family breakfast? Or would you be OK with training me? How much training would I need? What would be the result at the end? Do I even have passion for cooking?

A Resume is your first -and in most cases only- opportunity to make people have faith in you. They should see clearly that you know what you are doing and that they can rely on you and trust you with your work. In order to do that you should be able to paint them a clear picture of your expertise. They not only should see that you know how to accomplish a task, but also be creative and enjoy what you are doing. They want to see that you are capable of resolving issues as they come up and not frustrated. They want to see passion and enthusiasm and eagerness on top of skills and experience.

So, next time someone asks you how to make an omelet take this as an opportunity to show them that not only you can make a mean omelet but also you can do better than anyone else. If you are good at something make sure the world knows about it😊


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