To be scammed or not to be scammed: that is the question!

Maybe I am too cautious, or maybe because I shop online A LOT, I am always skeptical of sharing my financial and personal information online. We live in the age of information and with information there comes risks, and believe me tons of them!

I see many postings online asking job seekers and students to send their Resumes, join their email lists, whatsapp groups, Resume review workshops, free webinars…collecting their information. I also hear that many job seekers get calls from people acting as recruiters who are simply phishing for information with fake jobs. Please remember that any information you share online carelessly may be used to get your personal and financial information. Please be aware of the risks and educate yourself.

Please never list your home address on your Resume, just list City and State. Do not ever list personal details such as birthday, marital status, and any other identifying information about you. I highly recommend getting an email address for job search purposes instead of using your personal account. Use caution while sharing information on the phone and online, scammers ALWAYS sound very nice and helpful.

There are many phishing companies out there that would try to gather personal information by preying on job seekers like yourselves, especially ones that are new at this and willing to share whenever they get a call. This information then may be sold and/or used for various scams. It is extremely important to protect your privacy and sensitive information for your own and financial safety.

If you think you may be a victim of a scam please inform credit reporting agencies immediately. Also if you are a student please report the incident to your school. Check your account transactions regularly and check your credit history at least once a year.

In general refrain from sharing your information generously with unknown and untraceable parties/companies. If in doubt do not share your information at all.

Here is a good link that gives detailed information on scams job-seekers are facing.

Please think before you blindly share your information, no job prospect is worth risking your financial and professional well-being.


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