Why fake resumes are more common among OPT Students? #FakeSummaryofExperience

Today I am sharing the posting of one of our consultants. They kindly shared their experiences after graduation.

Why fake resumes are more common among OPT Students ?

– A Student’s Perspective

I see many posts in LinkedIn about fake resumes and how consulting companies are using OPT students to fake their profiles and land a high paying consulting opportunity.

But before we blame the consulting companies, are the students’ real victims in this fake Resume scam or are they aware of the “fake resume” activities in those companies and join them willingly?

To answer that I would like to start from why and how an international student comes to US to pursue his/her higher education dreams and eventually make a career and some money out of it.

Most of the international students come to pursue post-graduation in US with huge educational loans, and hope to land in a dream job working with latest technology and eventually pay back their educational loans. The biggest factor that drives the student to do whatever it takes to find a job is paying back their loans, and next reason might be they seem to enjoy lifestyle they have in US.

So, after graduation typically a student will fall under the following scenarios:

Scenario 01:

Student graduates from his/her school, builds connections and takes advantage of his network to land a full-time position with a package around 50K – 85K per annum. The students who belong to this scenario will carry on their lives as planned and pay back their loans with a legitimate job. And of course, with visa sponsorship. This tend to be common with STEM degree holders.

Scenario 02:

There are many consulting companies that hire OPT students and train them in certain technologies, for example Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Web Development, BI tools, SAS and few other fancy tools in the market. And try to place them with clients who might need consultants. And of course, the consulting company sponsors visa.

Scenario 03:

Similar to Scenario #2 there are very few consulting companies that also hire OPT students and do not provide any sort of training and help students to find an opportunity with their original experience. and also, might sponsor their work visa.

Scenario 04:

The students go back home after successfully graduating from their school. This is common with the students who have a family business back in their home country.

So, if the student falls under scenario 01 and 04. they will not think about faking anything, even if they want to fake, it’s of no purpose. Here everything is well and good.

When it comes to scenario 03 since the companies market you with your genuine experience, the student must be patient. And the opportunity that comes with original experience will pay them around 40k – 55K USD per annum.

Being legitimate has some price to pay and very few students chose this option.

Let’s talk about scenario 02: (Our core of this topic)

Everything is great with the consulting companies until the student finishes his training and then begins the story of faking things. They tend to market the OPT students with 6 – 8 years of US experience in the field of their training and go for interviews. So, it takes a few tries to clear the interview calls and eventually they get the job with the desired pay around 60 – 80k USD per annum. (Since they are 6 – 8 years of experience as per their resume)

When the students opt for having a consultant job, he falls under scenario 2 and 3. So when we compare scenario 2 and 3 we can clearly see the consultants who fake tend to make more money than who stay legitimate, I believe that, it is the main reason that students are OK to fake.

It used to be a scam for students but now the students are aware of faking their entire career and it has become a belief that students won’t be able to land a job without faking experience.

As a recent graduate I too evaluated all these options. I talked to many friends and former graduates who told me about their experiences as well.

Just like any other graduate I was contacted by consulting companies that indeed created fake resume and experiences for me and submitted me for job interviews, but something was off. I was asked to travel to unknown locations without any questions to jobs that may or may not come true. Last minute “cancellations” happened multiple times. My visa sponsorship was subject to me working at a client at the time of application, no other guarantees were given, even then there was no paper trail of legitimate visa application. No attorney involvement was there.

Besides from that even for jobs that I qualify, I was not given an opportunity to interview. They wanted to have “proxy” interviews. This made no sense.

At the end of the day I did not want to be a fraud, I felt that I wanted to work for a company that I can trust and rely on. I did not want to be in worse situations because I wanted to pay off a loan quickly. I did not want to be associated with companies that fake my background, delete my online profiles so that they can make a bigger profit.

I cannot say it is the easier way, but it is the right way and I am doing what I came here to do, learning something new, having real hands on experience, being a part of a growing team and everyday enjoying coming to work. I see potential and growth in my future. Isn’t this why we went to graduate school to start with?


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