Braun Weiss Inc. is a boutique Management Consulting company specializing in Financial Systems and Processes.

We specialize in analysis and implementation of complex technology solutions. We work with legacy systems as well as implement new tools based on the clients’ needs.

We provide expert consultants to assure your projects are successful and your business is supported.

Our consultants specialize in Financial Services, High Tech, Manufacturing areas and they are hired after rigorous screening process. Each and every one of our consultants exceeded client expectations and are praised for their professionalism, skills, hard-work, team-work and enthusiasm for success.

Our success comes from our selection process and the on-going support we provide to our consultants. We only select consultants that can represent us the best and have the same core values. We are committed to make each assignment successful by providing personalized support and training to each and every one of our consultants.

Our consultants are ready to hit the ground running. They are willing and able to take on additional responsibilities and deliver with success. Our consultants are continuously being praised for excellence and come with exceptional references. 



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