Why fake resumes are more common among OPT Students? #FakeSummaryofExperience

Today I am sharing the posting of one of our consultants. They kindly shared their experiences after graduation. Why fake resumes are more common among OPT Students ? – A Student’s Perspective I see many posts in LinkedIn about fake resumes and how consulting companies are using OPT students to fake their profiles and land a [...]

Fake it ’til you make it???

Most recent graduates face rejection on a daily basis. It is extremely hard to get a job on OPT visa let alone find an employer to sponsor you. So, I am sure this question comes up at one point. It is quite easy for international students to come up with years of experience back home [...]

What are core Finance and Accounting competencies that you should list in your Resume?

Braun Weiss Inc. focuses on Financial Services Industry and Financial systems, so we work with, talk to, meet...many Finance candidates and go through many many Resumes. It is obviously common sense that someone who is a CPA will know about basics of Accounting, but if you do not have a CPA or CFA your master's [...]

Avoid these blunders in your Resume

We think this article sums up the basic formatting mistakes people make in their Resumes: Sloppiness Summaries that are too long Too many buzzwords Starting a bullet point with 'Responsible for' Being too formal Sticking to a template Sticking to a template Using awkward white space Taking up too much space with your contact information [...]

How many pages your Resume should be?

Most of the candidates we interview are recent graduates and they got their Resume advice from their school's career center. It almost always goes like: Keep your Resume to 1 page Always list your Education first List your school projects and classes Granted schools are very expensive and they would like to make sure they [...]