America Runs on Excel!!

Python, R, Tableau, SAS…and countless sophisticated software and yet no one can end the love story of Financial Services with Excel. So how come this unassuming MS Office application won our hearts to the extent that it is irreplaceable? Of course, there is the obvious reason: It is freely available for all, no questions asked, [...]


I wish I could understand you!

Do you ever feel like no one is following what you say? Do you feel like you cannot express yourself in front of others? Then you have a communication problem and it often happens to international students. Why can't we go and work in countries where we do not speak the language? Though technology, medicine, [...]

What are core Finance and Accounting competencies that you should list in your Resume?

Braun Weiss Inc. focuses on Financial Services Industry and Financial systems, so we work with, talk to, meet...many Finance candidates and go through many many Resumes. It is obviously common sense that someone who is a CPA will know about basics of Accounting, but if you do not have a CPA or CFA your master's [...]