How do you make an omelet or write the best Resume???

I was talking to a candidate and explaining why it is extremely important that you include itemized task details in your Resume. Most candidates that I speak with do not pay attention to what I say and maybe thinking that they can get a job with high level details and I have no clue what [...]


Fake it ’til you make it???

Most recent graduates face rejection on a daily basis. It is extremely hard to get a job on OPT visa let alone find an employer to sponsor you. So, I am sure this question comes up at one point. It is quite easy for international students to come up with years of experience back home [...]

What do you do???

We wrote about this before, but this is an ongoing issue so there goes another post. A Resume is a marketing tool to let people know what your skills are and what you are good at. It is a longer version of a business card. When you are out you see store signs everywhere: XYZ [...]

What are core Finance and Accounting competencies that you should list in your Resume?

Braun Weiss Inc. focuses on Financial Services Industry and Financial systems, so we work with, talk to, meet...many Finance candidates and go through many many Resumes. It is obviously common sense that someone who is a CPA will know about basics of Accounting, but if you do not have a CPA or CFA your master's [...]